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Step to Sarcoidosis Cookbook Home Page Sarcoidosis Freedom Cookbook

March 18, 2013

Step to Sarcoidosis Cookbook Home Page Sarcoidosis Freedom Cookbook

Reviews on Sarcoidosis Cookbook Home Page  Sarcoidosis Cookbook Home Page Important note: A simple must-have for anyone who’s serious about their healing and permanent remission of sarcoidosis.   “Get this wrong and You Don’t have a Chance of remission.”       What Mr Hajjri told me in November 2007, “Every next bite brings you closer either to remission or pain, inflammation, rashes and suffering. It’s your choice now that you know the facts. So, what will be on your plate tonight? Aggressive scavengers of your organs or soothing healing agents that will continue to work even when you’re asleep? This unstoppable momentum will slingshot you into remisssion.”       From the desk of Danielle May, former sarcoidosis sufferer and health consultant:   My fellow sarcoidosis sufferer,   Finally the day has come for the first Cookbook dedicated to people with sarcoidosis to be published. After writing the Sarcoidosis Remission & Aden Protocol and during the counseling with the people on the program, I kept hearing things like: – ” it’s to hard to organize my meals, it became a full time job following the diet ” – “OK, I know the rules now but what do I eat…can you give me an example? ” – ” I feel lost and I think it’s too complicated for…
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